When one episode is not enough!

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Fox’s new comedy/drama Lucifer just wrapped up its first season and man was it a doozy! It’s surprising that this unconventional biblical show isn’t creating much buzz, but it was recently renewed for season 2 so it’s definitely gaining a following. Lucifer is the star of this show and he’s currently on…vacation. That’s right, Lucifer is on vacation and he’s taking a break from being evil. However, he’s trying to do it in the city of Los Angeles and nice Satan doesn’t last too long without resulting in some of his old ways. When Lucifer runs into a beautiful cop who can completely resist his charm, he starts to doubt his power here on earth.

The longer Lucifer is around humans and starts to sympathize with them, the weaker he becomes. As his brother and disciples beg him to return to his throne in hell, he falls deeper in love with a beautiful cop and becomes more human than he ever planned on! Tom Ellis is sexy, funny and hypnotizing as the seductive Lucifer who’s taking a lot of pleasure living on earth around mere mortals. His one-liners are hysterical and his shirtless scenes are worth an entire episode!

The supporting cast is exceptional too. Lauren German is perfect as a cop who questions if Lucifer is who he really says he is and if he’s really Satan, why doesn’t she fall for his mind-controlling tricks? D.B. Woodside and Lesley-Ann Brandt exceptionally round out the cast as his devilish brother and demon side-kick that desperately wants him to return to the dark side. Lucifer definitely takes creative licensing when it comes to its biblical theology so don’t look for a Sunday school lesson here. However, if you want a show that’s fun and takes a cheeky look at the dark side of things, Lucifer is the show to start binge watching right away.

You can steam all 13 episodes (that average 45 minutes each) on Hulu.