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This past Wednesday, the show Lopez aired its season finale. Even though it was less thrilling than the season’s previous episodes, it was still pretty hilarious. If you’re thinking this show is anything like the George Lopez show, think again. The show Lopez is extremely meta. If you’re familiar with the show Louie, then you know where this show is coming from. A season 2 of this new TV land comedy/drama has already been announced so, it’s obvious that Lopez is back to his TV series roots again. The show focuses on Lopez’s struggle with his celebrity lifestyle that is constantly bumping heads with his ethnicity. Lopez feels as if he is too rich to connect with his fellow working-class Latino audience. However, he also feels completely uncomfortable around his mostly white and rich neighbors.

Lopez’s problems don’t stop there. He also struggles with getting back into the dating pool and trying to raise a teenage daughter by himself. After he hires a young and quirky new manager, he discovers he has a long way to go in order to modernize his career and get it back on track. Being George Lopez is clearly not an easy gig.

This show is not laugh out loud funny, but it does touch on some really serious points of what it is like to be successful and a person of color in America. Anyone who is a fan of meta-comedy will enjoy this quirky and slick new TV Land comedy. You can stream all 12, 30-minute episodes of the first season on TV Land on Demand.