When one episode is not enough!

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If you enjoy the talented, multi- award winning actor Tim Roth on the big screen, then you’ll surely enjoy him on his short lived series Lie To Me. Like so many of Roth’s other characters, Dr. Cal Lightman is a very unique man. Lightman is the world’s leading deception researcher. He studies body language, facial expressions and tone of voice to determine when a person is lying. He can even tell why. He’s not someone you would want to hold a conversation with for too long! Lightman teams up with law enforcement government agencies to help them uncover the truth behind some of their biggest cases. The only problem is, his skills are so sharp, it’s not hard for him to deceive the people closest to him.

A lot of the show’s fun comes from Lightman and his team. Since he works for a variety of agencies, he can afford to have his own team. There are times when even his team mates grow tired of his unexplainble mind games and leave him completely up to his own devices. If you like House, this is the show for you. Lightman is not nearly as much of an ******* as Dr. House is and you’re more likely to have sympathy for many of his flaws. The characters are very true to life by not always making the right choices, but making choices that are right for them.

For such an intelligent show it was sad to see it canceled after just 3 seasons. However, the show’s best content can be found in it’s first riveting season. Each episode is 45 minutes of intense truth busting and all 3 seasons can be streamed on on Amazon Prime.