When one episode is not enough!

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Warning this is not your average TV Land Original by any stretch of the imagination. Impastor is now available on Hulu and stars Michael Rosenbaum as Buddy a sleazy conman, serial fornicator and general screw up who assumes the identity of a pastor who died trying to keep him from jumping off a bridge. Buddy journeys to the small town where he assumes the pastors duties with his new church and congregation. Buddy later discovers that the pastor was gay and must befriend several gay parishioners to keep this pretense up but will end up eventually seducing several of his female flock also. Another Stand out in this series is David Rasche (former star of the 80’s ABC sitcom Sledge Hammer) his portrayal of the stuffy deacon and general nemesis of Buddy makes for great dramedy. With only one season out so far this makes for a great afternoon mini-binge.