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Fighter of justice, on The Hunt With John Walsh, John Walsh is considered by many to be a real-life crime-fighting superhero. No, he doesn’t wear a cape or fly through the air, but he is responsible for putting away hundreds of criminals. It was a sad day for many fans of his long-running show America’s Most Wanted when the show was surprisingly canceled by Fox network. The woman’s channel Lifetime then picked up the show but also decided to cancel the show after a year. Many thought Walsh had retired or took a break from publicly fighting crime, but that wasn’t so. Walsh was gearing up once again to make sure the worst of the worst are banished from our streets for good.

The Hunt With Adam Walsh is a weekly crime show that features the most dangerous criminals in our society in hopes that people will call in with information about where they are now. Although this might seem similar to America’s Most Wanted, it’s actually very different. While America’s Most Wanted often featured up to 10 or more criminals per episode, The Hunt usually only features about 3 criminals per 60 minute episode. Each story contains a well acted and very dramatic re-enactment that compliments the narration that Walsh gives on the chain of events that surround the criminals and their crime.

Some of the criminals are people you would expect to see on a show like this: bank robbers, perpetrators of the worse domestic violence cases, child molesters and dangerous drug addicts. Other criminals are a bit more uncommon. One of The Hunt’s most powerful episodes is about a human trafficker who left 11 undocumented immigrants to die in an overheated rail car. This episode literally brought me to tears as it examines how a man took great advantage of desperate people who simply wanted a better life. Another powerful episode features a father who is so dedicated to his culture that he murders his young daughters for being interested in American boys.

The Hunt presents you with extremely powerful stories that make you want to get involved if you know anything at all about the cases they put before you. Like America’s Most Wanted, a number is presented after each segment that you can call if you have any information about the case.

This show is not just for entertainment, it really is a public service. You can stream seasons 1 & 2 ( 15 episodes total and 40 minutes each) currently on Netflix.