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If your sick of all the “housewives” show clogging the airways, but love a good parody, then The Hotwives of Las Vegas is for you. This is actually the second season of the “hotwives” show, but now the show features new characters in a new city. This satire is filled with quick witted zingers and enough over-the-top adult jokes to keep you laughing from beginning to end. Every woman on the show has a stand-out-personality that parodies some type of reality show diva.

From the hilarious “First Lady” who thinks she’s a very important lady ( trust me she’s not) to the trailer park trash, pregnant and unwed mother, there’s a unique cast of characters that take this spoof show to an entirely new level. The first season of the show is Hotwives of Orlando and it can be found on a separate page from season 2. Both seasons are worth binge watching, but season 2 is where the show really finds it’s hysterical groove.

The show is a Hulu exclusive so if you have a paid subscription to the website this is the perfect show to snuggle under a blanket and watch with a hot cup of a Joe during a chilly fall afternoon. The sad part is that the show’s season is only 7 episodes long and 23 minutes per episode. The show is so good however, you will be craving more. Hotwives of Las Vegas has a solid 4 star-rating and is bound to be loved by anyone who enjoys pop-culture spoofs. It’s great for a night binge watching session as the whole series can be finished in a few hours.