When one episode is not enough!

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Despite not getting as much attention as Orange is The New Black, Hemlock Grove is one of the first shows to be produced by Netflix. With the third (and final) season dropping this Friday, now is a perfect time to catch up on the first two pulse pounding seasons. The series is a hypnotizing blend of sex, gore and mystery that no horror fan should miss out on. Did it win any Emmys, no, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a binge watching good time!

The show is based around the book Brian McGreevy and is executive produced by Eli Roth. There are a lot of Eli Roth elements within it so, if you enjoy his movies then this is a no brainer. The show takes place in a run down old Pennsylvania Steel town and follows the eccentric residents that live there. One day, a 17-year-old girl is killed and turns the entire town on its head. The two suspects include a 17 year-old homeless kid (and werewolf) and the rich son of a man who owns a steel mill. These two completely different men must put their differences aside and join together to solve the murder themselves. During their investigation, all of the towns daunting and nightmarish secrets come pouring out. Every episode is filled with secret reveals and revelations making for very few dull moments.

This is by no means a family friendly horror show, Hemlock Grove is known to have one of the most graphic wolf transformation scenes in TV history. There are plenty of sexy scenes and twisted monsters to keep you entertained for hours. I wouldn’t suggest snacking while you binge watch this though, as it will make even the most hardened horror fans want to lose their lunch sometimes. This show currently has 23 episodes loaded and the final season will debut October 23rd.