When one episode is not enough!

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Even though The Walking Dead is a ratings hit for AMC, there’s another lesser known show however, that’s just as good if not better! Hell on Wheels is a great period drama about the building of the transcontinental railroad. This railroad’s aim was to connect the fast growing east with the slowly building wild west. One of the best things about the show is that many of the characters featured in the show are real people. Although their stories are expanded and filled in with fictional plot lines, it still adds a sense of realness to the story.

Hell on Wheels may seem a bit tedious at times, but it really is a thinking man’s show. The man character, Cullen Bohannon, is a confederate soldier looking for revenge against the union soldiers that killed his wife. His quest for revenge brings him in to the middle of one of the biggest US projects in history! Cullen Bohannan is played by the talented Anson Mount, who gives his character a very rugged and troubled personality. In the first few seasons of he show rapper Common starred as Elam Ferguson, a motivated and highly intelligent trainer worker who would go from being Cullen’s adversary to best friend.

If you love westerns, this show is a no brainer. It’s important to realize however that this is not a clean cut view of the wild west like something that came out in 1962. This show actually shows things how the West really was: dirty, racist and dangerous. There are currently 4 seasons streaming live on Netflix right now. The 5th and final episode of the series is airing in January and it is sure to be an explosive ending to a show that will go down as one of the best period dramas in television history.