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Underseen: Hannibal

Producer Bryan Fuller brought a new vision of the Thomas Harris novels to NBC and it was unlike anything on television. Hannibal starred Mads Mikkelsen as the infamous villain Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal focused on the chase between the gifted (and troubled) criminal profiler Will Graham played by Hugh Dancy. Will Graham is unique because he can empathize with any serial killer which makes it easy for him to think just like a killer. Dr. Lecter is so twisted that not even Will can find him. In fact, Will hires Lecter (who is one of the top psychiatrists in the country) to help him find the “vicious killer” on the loose.

While Will has no clue that Lecter is a killer, Dr. Lecter and Will form a friendship that gives them the ability to catch killer after killer. That’s just in season 1 however. Once Will Graham figures out Lecter’s secret, all hell truly cracks open. The show also features vital characters from the Thomas Harris novel and brings to TV some new ones. Dr. Jack Crawford is head of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit and he will use any of his agents to the max to catch a dangerous killer. Alana Bloom is a friend of Lecter’s who used to be a psychologist professor but now serves as an FBI consultant. She disagrees with Lecter over his unconventional treatment methods, but she never gets in the way of her friend’s “brilliance.” Freddie Lounds is a cut-throat tabloid blogger who wants to use Will and the entire FBI for her next shady expose.

Hannibal was unlike any crime show that ever aired on television and that seems to be the reason why it didn’t survive very long. When the series moved away from the “monster-of-the-week” format, the ratings seemed to dip. Each episode was filmed in a dark and artistic manner. The third season even featured a love scene shot completely through the eyes of a kaleidoscope. It was creepy and beautiful all at the same time. Those are the great artistic scenes that Hannibal is known for.

Another unique thing about Hannibal is that each episode is named after a foreign meal course. Each meal course is linked to an important event in Hannibal’s history. Hannibal is not a show for everyone. Those that truly enjoy the macabre and unconventional will appreciate Hannibal’s stylish cinematic experience and dialogue.

Season 1 and 2 are available for streaming on Amazon Prime. Each season is 13 episodes (each episode is 45 minutes long). You can buy season 3 through Amazon as well.