When one episode is not enough!

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If you’re looking for a wild, action-packed vampire show unlike anything else on television, then from Dusk Till Dawn is your next binge watching pleasure. The series is based off of Robert Rodriguez’s 1996 movie From Dusk Till Dawn starring George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino. Robert Rodriguez is back to direct the series that’s a roller coaster ride of blood and guns.

The first season follows the same story-line as the original movie. The Gecko brothers are a bank robbing duo that find themselves suddenly thrown in to a world of demons and determined lawmen just south of the border. The first season takes place over 10 episodes and averages about 45 minutes per episode so, it greatly expands upon the plot line explored in the original movie. If you’re a fan of westerns, this one is one of a kind. Set against the steamy yet beautiful back drop of the south of the border landscape, the cinematography is one of the many features that instantly draws the viewer in.

The show is slowly building a cult following in the horror community and there’s no wonder why; this show does not skimp on the blood and gore! There are are no Twilight like vampires on this show! The reptilian nature of the vampires make them both scary and really cool to look at. The blood sucking is not clean and pretty. During one massacre that takes place within the first season, heads are ripped off and throats are ripped out. If you’re at all squeamish with vampire violence consider this a warning.

If these thing’s weren’t enough to get you excited, consider the fact that this show has a smoking hot cast. The Gecko brothers are played by D.J. Cotrona and Zane Holtz. Both brothers are pretty hunky and charismatic in their own way. While Seth Gecko seems to be the more calm and controlled brother, it’s Richi Gecko that holds the key to why so many strange things are suddenly going on. Actress Eiza Gonzalez plays the sexy and seductive Santanico Pandemonium. She’s a powerful female vampire that has men falling to their knees for her, but the moment they do will be a moment they regret. While Eiza Gonzalez is no Selma Hayek, she works hard to make the vampire Goddess role her own while bringing her own sizzling nature to the screen.

The show currently holds a 7.0 rating on IMBD making it one of the more solid new shows to debut on TV last year even if the viewership isn’t the highest. You can stream this show on Amazon Prime Instant Video or stream the entire first season on Netflix. The first season is only 10 episodes and the second season is 4 episodes in. This show can easily be binge watched right now over a weekend. It will be a weekend of snacks and vampire action galore!