When one episode is not enough!

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Although season 1 of the FX series Fargo earned 15 award wins (including 2 Emmy wins) and over 52 nominations, outside of award season, this show didn’t get a lot of media hype. This is shocking as this show is not just another over inflated, award winning drama. This show is filled with surprising twists, shocking characters and outrageous black humor. If this show sounds at all familiar and you’re not already addicted to it, it’s because it’s based on a classic 1996 film also entitled Fargo. None of the actors from the original film are used in the series, but that’s OK, the performances are just as phenomenal.

The series doesn’t follow the exact same story line as the original film however, there are some plot points from the 1996 movie that pop up during the 10 episode television show run. The infamous treasure that one of the dumb hit men leaves out in the middle of no where is a crucial part of the series story line. There are other Easter eggs from the movie spread throughout the show. Fans of the film should have no problem finding them. The same trademark humor and over-blown Minnesota accents are part of the show’s charm.

The show’s star performance is given by established actor Billy Bob Thorton. He plays a manipulative and down right evil hit man that changes the lives of many people in a small Minnesota town. Thorton’s performance was so convincing that he earned an Emmy award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-series. After watching just one episode his win is no surprise. It’s been a long time since television has seen such a sinister character who’s as manipulative as he is heartless. His character may or may not appear in season 2, but it is one you won’t forget any time soon.

Another great performance is turned in by new comer Alison Tolman who plays a unrelenting cop who doesn’t get nearly enough credit for her smarts. Her character will make any feminist out there proud! The actress who plays her brings a strong, but subtle performance to the show as the main protagonist that you can’t help but root for. Female leads are steadily increasing on television and she’s a great character to pave the way. Her looks aren’t an asset to solving the case and she out thinks the pants off of all the men on the show.

While there is sex and violence spread out throughout the 10 episode series, the show does not rely on it as a cheap trick to keep viewers interested. The shows power can be found in the quick and quirky dialogue, or the strangest parables you’ve ever heard.

This show has a 9.0 rating on IMBD so, pretty much everyone who watches it loves it. With 10-episodes you can easily devour this series in a weekend as each episode will automatically leave you rushing to click on the next episode.