When one episode is not enough!

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Why do all the good shows have to be canceled? Extant was a highly praised sci-fi show starring Halle Berry that was taken off television way too soon! In this short lived series, Halle Berry starred as astronaut Molly Watts who comes back to earth after 13 months in space with a disturbing secret. Molly is pregnant but, how is that possible? How could Molly possibly conceive if she was alone in space? What is she pregnant with? Molly’s life is further complicated by already being the mother to a brilliant humanoid child named Ethan created by her scientist husband. As Molly tries to hide her pregnancy she wonders how it will affect her husband, her robotic son and oh…the future of man kind!

Although this show was short lived, it brought to the small screen so many things that are rarely seen on television. Halle Berry played a strong African-American woman who is a highly intelligent astronaut. It’s so rare to see a black woman in such a powerful position on television and it was a great thing for ethnic girls everywhere to witness. As the show progressed more people of color were shown in the roles of humanoids, aliens and scientist. The show made it very clear that they were all about bringing authentic and powerful diversification to television. Alongside an excellent plot line and great special effects, the show delivered a high level of drama television that is very rarely seen on network TV.

Unfortunately, this was not enough to keep viewers watching the show and it was canceled after the second season was aired in its entirety. One can’t help but think that show might have remained on the air longer if it had aired on a prime time fall spot where people are more likely to be watching TV than hanging out at the beach.

Each season ran for 13 episodes with each episode being 40 minutes each. Although you will never find out the result of the big season 2 cliffhanger, the series is very much worth a binge watching session. You can stream the entire series on Amazon Prime.