When one episode is not enough!

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Drugs Inc. is an excellent documentary series made by the journalistic channel National Geographic. If you think you know everything about drugs, think again. Drugs Inc. takes you deep inside the business that makes billions of dollars a year and destroys a lot of lives while doing it. Each episode of the series focuses on a different drug. Crack, designer drugs and illegal prescription pills are just a few of the devastating drugs featured on this show. Instead of getting a preachy one hour special telling you “just say no” to drugs, what you actually get is an in-depth look at the way drugs are made, packaged and sold. Then comes the horrible side-effects experienced by the addicts.

You know this show is one of a kind when you witness first hand interviews with people who sell drugs on the street. Sure, these people have their face covered so that they don’t get whisked off to jail automatically. However, they don’t skimp on the details when it comes to exposing the drug trade for the dangerous world it really it.

This show requires viewers to have a strong stomach because of it’s graphic depictions of drug use. From people popping pills to shoving needles in to their bleeding arms, there is nothing pretty about Drugs Inc. real life depictions of drug use.

Documentary fans will love this serial show for the ground breaking piece of television it is. The first season of the show can be streamed on SnagFilms for free.