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Death Row Stories is a documentary type series produced by CNN that takes a look at people and the crimes that put them on death row. Some of these people you may have already heard of through the news, but I doubt you know the entire story the way CNN tells it.

What’s unique about this show is their method of story telling. Each one hour episode starts out with the description of the person on death row and their crime. At first, you believe the person on death row definitely committed the crime. However, as the show goes on, it is revealed that there is a real possibility that person charged with the crime didn’t actually commit it. The show is definitely trying to prove that the death penalty shouldn’t exist considering it is so easy to prosecute someone for murder and get them on death row. Considering the punishment is absolute, should we really be able to put people on death row so easily?

Whether you believe in the death penalty or not, Death Row Stories takes a shocking look into what goes on during the criminal process. What’s really scary is how much politics and lying can go into a criminal case. Of course, the side being accused often denies that anything bad happened but it is often very clear that something sinister took place during many of these cases.

The program clearly knows that everyone on death row isn’t innocent, however, it does force you to take a look at whether the death penalty is the proper way to go about punishment for any crime. This may not be the typical light weight binge watching material you’re used to but, if you enjoy crime documentaries you will definitely want to check out all 8 episodes of season 1 currently streaming on Netflix.