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For the past six years, Nat Geo Wild has hosted a special called Big Cat Week. If you love the exotic felines that live beyond your back yard, then this is the special for you. Hulu is streaming six years worth of Big Cat Week. Each season has between 4 and 11 episodes that explore the amazing lives of feline cats. This show digs deep in to the heart of felines and goes way beyond your standard nature special. For example, one of the most touching episodes involves nature perseveres who are trying to release four white lions in to the wild. They fear that poachers will kill them because they are so rare. What goes on during this 1 hour special is intense, emotional and often breathtaking.

Other episodes such as Superpide is very exhilarating. This special follows a pride of lions as they work their way up the animal chain to become a dynasty! Yes, the animal kingdom has it’s own drama and it’s edge-of-your-seat entertainment. This series also shows that the lions aren’t the baddest thing in the pride. Predator Battleground showcases the other animals in the pride land that remain a constant threat to the king of the jungle and his family.

This is a great show to watch with the kids, but watch with caution because sometimes in the animal kingdom things can get bloody ( or even sexy), rest assured they are always exciting. There are 23 episodes of big cat goodness currently available to stream on Hulu.