When one episode is not enough!

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SyFy is not a channel where you would expect to see award-winning television. With that in mind, the above average quality of 12 Monkeys is pretty surprising. The show is based on the 1995 box-office hit movie also titled 12 Monkeys. The plotline is similar although many of the films have been changed.

The show follows the wild-wide of time traveler Cole who resides in a dismal apocalyptic future. A dangerous and untested method of time travel has emerged and Cole plans to use it to change history. Cole exists in a post-apocalyptic world that exists 27 years after modern day. The world’s population has been decimated by a deadly plague that wiped out 93.6% of the human race. Yes, there are not many humans left, so traveling back in time to save the entire human race is kind of important.

Like with the original film, the time travelers job is to search for the 12 monkeys who were originally given the virus in a laboratory for experimental purposes. He has to stop these monkeys from escaping the lab and infecting the world. The difference between the movie and television show begins with the fact that Brad Pitt’s character only appears in one episode early in the season. Cole’s sidekick through this journey is Cassandra. Cassandra is a woman who doesn’t know if Cole is completely in his right mind, but she does know she wants to save the human race. If working with a crazy man is what it takes to get the job done, that’s what she’ll do.

12 Monkeys still have a very SYFY channel feel, but, it is extremely entertaining to watch. The writing isn’t the best, but the show is still exciting and leaves you wanting more. It remains to be seen if this show will take its time-bending journey beyond season 1. The first season (13 episodes long an 40 minutes each) can be streamed now on Hulu.