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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a Sundance TV show called Cleverman. This week, I’ll introduce you to a more realistic drama called Rectify. A man named Daniel Holden has served 19 years on death row for the brutal rape and murder of a girl in his hometown. One day, DNA evidence is released that makes the law call into question whether or not Holden is truly guilty. He’s released from death row and subsequently, from jail completely. Holden now struggles with trying to put his life back together. 19 years is a long time to be in jail and it may take him 19 years to get back to normal.

This show has an extremely serious and earthy feel to it. So, if you’re looking for something more light hearted and glamorous, this may not be the show for you. If you like more deep-rooted indie dramas, than I highly suggest you give this show a watch. There are some striking plot twists scattered throughout, but for the most part, the events in the story unfold like how I would imagine they would unfold in real life.

Actor Aden Young’s performance of a man trying to get used to his newfound freedom is 100% convincing. You feel his emotions every step of the way. While you know he is happy about being released from death row, he still has to deal with the burden of people thinking he’s a brutal rapist and murderer. As an attorney continues to pursue putting Holden back in jail, you feel the same sense of dread he’s feeling. You know what that would mean for Holden’s sanity so, you spend a lot of time hoping he doesn’t return to jail.

Since Rectify has already been on 3 seasons (the 4th and final season will air on October 26th), there is a range of emotions you will go through when watching this show. There is a point where you’re not sure if Holden is innocent or not. As his behavior continues to fluctuate, you’re left wondering if your victim is really a villain.

Rectify also does a great job of showing how the people around him have to work hard to adjust to his newfound freedom as well. It clarifies that prison doesn’t just affect the imprisoned, it also affects their family.

Each season is only 6 episodes long that are an hour each. With all 3 seasons only equaling 22 episodes, you may be able to binge watch this show in a week. Since the 4th and final season doesn’t premiere until October 26th, you have plenty of time to catch up on this honest and emotionally rattling show. Sundance TV knows how to produce shows that are as good as its movies.

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Time Commitment: 3 Seasons

– Janiera Eldridge
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