When one episode is not enough!

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Five Days is an intense BBC produced thriller that aired on HBO in 2007. Five Days aired as a miniseries and takes place during five non-consecutive days of a police investigation involving a mother and two children. If you like shows such as The Family that keeps you guessing until the very end, then this is the show to watch! Five days is filled with the markings you’ve come to expect from British television. The atmosphere is very dark, the dialogue is very authentic and there are no flashy special effects. At times it feels like you’re watching a documentary which gives it more of a chilling effect.

Like with many shows about small towns, shocking secrets are revealed through out each episode. The missing woman Leanne Wellings appears to have a double life, but is it that double life that killed her? Her husband has secrets too, maybe it’s his secrets that killed her? The first episode of the series starts off innocent enough. A woman gathers her two children together to go visit her grandfather who lives in a convalescent home. It seems like a beautiful day with nothing out of the ordinary going on. In fact, Leanne even goes to a dog shelter to get a pet for her grandfather.

Leanne sees a white van selling flowers and decides to grab some to give to her grandfather as well. Only once the woman steps up to the van, her children lose sight of her and never see again. This disappearance starts off a chain reaction that will change everyone in Leanne’s life forever.

There are no villains or saints in this show and anyone could be guilty of Leanne’s disappearance. With two of her children missing as well, the police start to wonder just how complicated this woman’s life is.

Each episode is a 24-hour period in the investigation allowing for a more thorough examination of events. The episodes are an hour each which makes it perfect for a mini binge watching session in the middle of a week. The entire series can be streamed on Amazon Prime.