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True Detective
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If you have yet to check out season 1 of HBO’s 2014 anthology series, True Detective, then you are missing out big time. Despite the mixed to negative reviews of the series’ second season, season 1 is a completely different animal on almost every level. Set in a swampy, small town in Louisiana, season 1 follows two detectives’ accounts of an intense and mysterious homicide case 17 years prior to the season’s pilot episode. Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) is a mysterious, enigmatic detective with a dark and troubled past. His partner, Marty Hart, is on the brink of divorce and is dealing with a tumultuous home life. When a prostitute is found dead in a field with strange markings and relics scattered about her body, the two detectives’ darkest secrets begin to reach for the surface.

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Time Commitment: 2 Seasons