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If you’re still deciding on whether to hop on the streaming train and try Hulu or Netflix, here are 3 big differences between the two that could help make up your mind:

1. Hulu has commercials and Netflix does not. However, for four extra dollars a month you can now have a commercial free experience on Hulu as well. Why does one have commercials and the other doesn’t? Because Hulu often has shows the day after they air while Netflix doesn’t have shows available to watch for an entire season. A few pesky commercials isn’t a bad trade off.
2. Hulu has newer content. As mentioned before, Hulu tends to have shows a day after they air. Netflix provides a more binge worthy experience, but you do have to wait to see the newest season an entire year. If you like to watch shows close to real time Hulu is the best option for you. If you like binge to out on an entire season, Netflix is your ideal streaming service.
3. Hulu is more TV oriented while Netflix is more movie oriented: Hulu is much more designed to keep up with the most current shows on television. Netflix is better designed for movies. Although Netflix does not always have the newest films in their catalog, they do have many independent films, documentaries and television shows both old and new to keep you watching for hours on end.

Netflix and Hulu are two of the most popular streaming services on the market right now. Keep in mind, both offer trials so you can test the services without paying for them which makes it easier to determine what works best for you. Each service is highly affordable as Netflix is only $9.99 a month and Hulu is $7.99. So, if you like what both services have to offer than you can get the best of both worlds for under $20. It’s non-stop entertainment for an affordable price.