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The Venture Brothers
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this Cartoon Network satire of the old 1960-1970’s Johnny Quest tv series explores the question what Johnny Quest would have grown up like under a narcissistic absentee dad; the answer is pretty screwed up but funny as hell. The show revolves around Mediocore pill popping bald aging superscientest Rusty Venture son on billionaire globe trotting child neglecting adventureure Jonas Venture. Along with his 2 death prone clone sons Hank and Dean And their crazy womanizing bodyguard Brock Samason rounding out the dysfunctional family unit. I love this show because it pulls no punches and can make you crack a rib from laughing all in the same punch. The comic genius of the shows creators Jackson Publik and Doc Hammer is apparent in the interaction between Rusty and his “Arch” arch villan The Monarch a guy with a too specific butterfly fetish.

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Time Commitment: 4 Seasons