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The Supersizers
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He’s Giles Coren. She’s Sue Perkins. He’s a food critic. She’s a comedian. Together, they are the Supersizers: a humorous duo that takes their contemporary wit and sensibilities to see how they fare in different eras of time and the living conditions inherent within. With the beginning of each episode, Giles and Sue both get full check-ups at a medical clinic, discussing the diets and the possible implications of detriment to their collective health with a doctor during their visits. Upon hearing of what to expect after dining like a medieval king, eating like an ancient Egyptian, living as an Elizabethan noble, and so on, the pair of personalities jump right in, often wearing the clothing of the era and taking part in other cultural activities of the times. After a week spent living in a particular century of the past, Giles and Sue go back for another medical check-up and learn what that century has done to their health.

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Time Commitment: 2 Seasons