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Although there is not a lot of talk about it, Amazon is experimenting to create a streaming trend. Amazon Prime is showing two pilots for possible new shows. Viewers get to watch each show and vote on which one they like the most. This is an awesome new way for viewers to be in control of the shows that make its way on to your favorite streaming services.

The first show I’d like you to meet is The Last Tycoon which is based on F. Scott’s Fitzgerald’s last book. Matt Bomer, who recently starred in American Horror Story, plays Hollywood’s Golden Boy Monroe Stahr who is fighting hard against his boss Pat Brady to control the heart of the studio they own together. His boss Pat is seen as a father figure and doesn’t believe in straying too far from tradition. With The Great Depression and Hitler’s influence spreading across the world, the studio may not last much longer if the infighting continues and their pictures fade from the limelight. The Last Tycoon is really great at highlighting the not so glamorous side of the 1930s set against the ultra-glamorous 1930s Hollywood life.

I’m a huge fan of Matt Bomer, not only is he ultra sexy, but he does have the style and persona of an actor straight out of the 30s. His classic ways make him perfect for the role of Monroe Stahr, a man who lives completely through his pictures. At times Stahr is happy and inspiring while at other times he is serious and silently grieving for all of eternity it seems. Kelsey Grammer is excellent as his rival Pat Brady who is more strong and robust with his swagger. He wants to walk a straighter line with the studio in order to hold on to it and he is getting tired of Stahr bucking him at every turn. Not to mention he has to keep his eye on his ambitious daughter who wants to make Stahr her own as well as produce her own picture. Brady’s daughter is a very modern woman and that goes against everything her father believes in.

The show has several plot lines that add to the tension of the show very well and avoid one plotline wearing itself out. The last 5 minutes of the pilot delivers a shocking plot twist that will surely explode in the episodes hopefully to come.

The best thing about The Last Tycoon is that it is filmed and acted like a movie straight out of the 30s. It is big and flashy, the personalities are extremely dramatic and the opulence is striking. Unlike most movies from the 30s however, The Last Tycoon makes obvious that all was not well in those seemingly golden years. If you enjoyed Baz Luhrmann’s remake of The Great Gatsby, you will love this show as well.

I really hope that people take the time to go online and tell Amazon Prime how awesome this show is! If you watch this show and agree with me that you want to see new episodes right away, don’t just tell your friends about it, go online to and tell Amazon what you think about it. I think Amazon is taking a big step in the right direction by letting streamers have a say over what they watch. Don’t let this great opportunity to be heard pass you by, watch the pilot episode of The Last Tycoon now and let Amazon know if you want it to be their next big show.
Stay tuned for next week when I review the second pilot on Amazon Prime, The Interestings!