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The I.T. Crowd
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The I.T. Crowd – a bit of an ironic double entendre considering the show’s characters – is a workplace sitcom that tells of the shenanigans and awkward, socially inept escapades of British corporation, Reynholm Industries’ I.T. department, holding just three members: Roy, Moss, and Jen. Roy is described as a “cheeky” Irish I.T. worker who likes to do nothing while pretending to do something in the I.T. department’s dingy basement office – a stark contrast to the upper levels of the corporation with its immaculate architecture and wonderful views of the London skyline of the floors above. Moss is a socially awkward computer whiz who basically knows nothing of human interaction and everything about software and hardware diagnostics. Jen, a chipper, yet deceptive working class woman, lies on her résumé about “knowing a lot about computers”, which earns her lordship over Roy and Moss, the two techies quickly learning Jen knows absolutely nothing about computers.

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Time Commitment: 5 Seasons