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The Bastard Executioner
84%Overall Score
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The Bastard Executioner is an FX original series created by Sons of Anarchy creator, Kurt Sutter. Wilkin Brattle is a 14th Century Welsh knight, who falls on the battlefield after being betrayed by a nobleman. Brattle has a vision that convinces him to change his life, away from battle, violence, and power-hungry noblemen. Settling down for a simple life as a peasant farmer, Brattle is awaiting the birth of his child when his village is hit with massive taxation by the nobleman who initially betrayed him. The reluctant warrior leads a raid on the nobleman’s camp, ending in death and a vicious retaliatory attack on Brattle’s village. Determined to avenge all the murdered villagers he called his friends and neighbors, Wilkin Brattle becomes a traveling journeyman executioner in order to seek out those involved in the corruption and murders that led to tragedy.

Time Commitment: 1 Season