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That 70s Show
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The 1970s: A time of social change, political upheavals, equality, Led Zeppelin, bell bottoms, and Burt Reynolds. This is the era where we find ourselves hanging out in high school student, Eric Foreman’s basement along with his friends, Kelso, Hyde, Jackie, Fez, and his high school sweetheart, Donna. Not exactly the coolest kids in school, Eric and his friends spend their typical afternoons and weekends at the Foreman house, gossiping, goofing off, and getting high under the hot-headed Red Foreman’s nose, the senior Foreman on a constant vigilant watch over his son and his friends’ behavior. The often oblivious and neurotic Kitty Foreman coddles her son and his friends, and forgives them to an excessive degree on their mischief, putting the father and mother at odds on many occasions, an occurrence the kids tend to take advantage of to humorous results. Many times, each situation Eric and his friends find themselves in, ends poorly, a lesson usually being learned at the end of each episode, giving the show a moral heart in the center of all the goofiness inherent within.

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Time Commitment: 8 Seasons