When one episode is not enough!

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T-mobile is the No. 3 wireless carrier in the country and they are clearly looking for a way to boost their numbers. T-mobile recently announced that they will let their customers watch online video from Netflix, HBO for no additional charges. The videos however, are streaming at a lower 480p resolution. This option will currently fit into T-mobiles $50 monthly phone service plan for 1 GB of data. Effective Sunday, their entry- level service will equal 2 GB of data for $50 a month.

Most of phone user’s monthly data is being consumed by watching videos on platforms like Netflix and Hulu. Facebook revealed that 8 billion video views are happening everyday on social media and a large a mount of these views are coming from phones. T-mobile offering free streaming from these platforms could be revolutionary and it’s rivals could be jumping on this bandwagon very soon.

Sadly, the streaming services not part of this program are Youtube, Amazon Prime, broadcast network apps, Snapchat and Facebook. Since thee are such big players among the video streaming service, how well will this program actually work? It’s too early to tell right now and the proof will be in the numbers.

Users who want to watch their videos in higher resolution can turn on their WiFi network and watch their videos that way if they don’t want to use their data. Although, the creator of the project says that the 480p resolution is still good video watching quality and no one should be turned off by that. It’s hard to see any disadvantages to this new feature if you’re already a T-mobile customer!