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Writer, director, and survival expert, Les Stroud, presents a survival situation in each episode. He then packs a harmonica, a multi tool, and his backpack, typically containing little to no food or water, and heads out into the wilderness to survive for 7 days – alone. What sets Survivorman apart from other survivalist programs, is that unlike others such as Bear Grylls, Cody Lundin, and the contestants of Naked and Afraid is that Stroud departs into remote areas across the globe with no camera crew whatsoever; Stroud does all the filming himself. The goal of each episode is to hack it in the wilderness alone, sustaining himself on any and all edible plants; hunting local animals for food; finding and purifying water to drink; and creating shelter to sleep under, often times finding new and challenging hurdles to overcome, dependent on the region he is located in.

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Time Commitment: 5 Seasons