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Supermansion- This animated series on Crackle created by the same madmen who brought us robot chicken and the rest of the wackos at stoopid buddy studios bring us the group of REALLY dysfunctional superheroes living in a what else mansion. The team is lead by aging superman wanna be Titanium rex and his daughter and part time arch nemisis Lex Lightning. Rounding out the cast is Black Saturn (batman clone) a spoiled rich kid with quetionable sexuality and daddy issues. Brad a gian pink Junkie who likes to **** cats but i will get to that in a moment. American Ranger ultra conservitave republican and capt America knock off (Why Marvel and DC haven’t sued i will never know..LOL and jew bot the teams overworked and under appreciated robot servant/teammate and last but not least Cooch a evolutionary accelerated cat that somehow evolved into a trash talking floozie. Stoopid Buddy did a fantastic job on this I almost peed myself laughing at the first episode and cant wait to see more. The first season which is 10 + episodes is available on Crackle i watch the eps repeatedly when i need a little insanity boost