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Already out of episodes from your last epic horror-binge suggestion from Binge Out? No need to fret. This month we have an incredible new horror series that is free to stream on just about any device and making major waves across the Internet. Classic slasher style, girly, mysterious and all around intriguing and fun to watch, we’re talking about “T@gged”. Haven’t heard of it? We got you covered on when, where, and why you need to check it out.

Apart from being your next horror-score, ‘T@gged’ just may be your back-to-school special. Encompassing the dynamics of popular teen/adult television dramas like ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ with a brutality that would mirror MTV’s popular reboot ‘Scream,’ all while maintaining a unique realism that few series capture. This show is perfect for teenagers, coeds, and adults alike. Admirably, the writing of this show manages to capture your attention without succumbing to the major clichés of larger production network series in a straightforward format, both entertaining and relatable for viewers. Focusing on many struggles that our youth (or any demographic really), faced with a head-on honesty, it certainly is great to find a series focusing on young people that are not distorting or sugarcoating controversial issues.

We weren’t the only ones who were impressed by this obscure gem written and directed by Hannah Macpherson. In our exclusive interview with ‘T@gged’ star Katelyn Nacon (The Walking Dead, Too Many Cooks), we dish about the cast, filming, embarrassing moments and some of the taboo themes covered in the first nine episodes so far. We wouldn’t want to ruin the series surprises for anyone, so you can read the full interview here, spoiler free as always.

A newb to Go90 myself, I was shocked by how quick and painless it was to begin streaming instantly and commitment-free. Rarely do we come across a streaming service that is totally free and jammed with awesome original series, but it would appear we have found another streaming gold mine to add to the list. The app is free to download onto your device, or on your PC (my style personally) you can just go right to Go90.com in your web browser and you will never be forced to sign up for a membership or include your credit card information.

New episodes of ‘T@gged’ are available every Tuesday exclusively at Go90.com or on their app. Each episode has a runtime of approximately 20 minutes, leaving the time commitment relatively low. Due to the violent nature of this being a slasher series, I think it goes without saying that the youngins should probably sit this one out. Teen angst, love triangles and murder – what are you waiting for? Watch the show and connect with us on our Facebook page to discuss upcoming interviews, episodes and theories.

– Rachael Rumancek
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