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Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are making their mark on the world of entertainment. The days of being the middleman to provide you with the shows you love are gone; no, they’re hands on now. As budgets for production grow, they strive to create more original shows that hold their own against the big leagues. The question is, are they succeeding?

Netflix is aggressively setting the trend. It’s sink or swim at this point, and Hulu and Amazon are not quitters. Netflix continues to raise their budget, which gives them means and opportunity to find a cast and crew worthy of an Emmy nomination. With House of Cards and Stranger Things making such an impact on viewers, how could they go wrong? House of Cards, a dark drama that highlights corruption and the darker side of politics, continues to pull in viewers season after season. Stranger Things is a throwback success that Winona Ryder takes to a new level with her performance, so much so, that fans are up in arms over her Emmy snubbing. Of course, there’s no forgetting Orange is the New Black and Black Mirror, two original shows that combine humor with a dark, unsettling reality, and pull it off without a flaw.

Hulu stepped up its game with the recent release of The Handmaids Tale, which brought in a whopping 13 Emmy Nominations, including “Outstanding Drama Series” and “Outstanding Lead Actress.” A cinematic masterpiece, paralleling past and present in an almost seamless manner, The Handmaids Tale puts Hulu on the map. Hulu has also taken several shows, dying on regular network, and brought them to a healthy revival, such as The Mindy Project and The Thick of It.

Following close behind is Amazon Prime, with well-received shows such as Sneaky Pete and The Grand Tour. Lighter shows, filled with humor are a great way to escape for the weekend (or week) as you binge your way through them – a great alternative when you’re not feeling the heavy thought-provoking dramas that Netflix and Hulu seem to excel with. With Emmys piling up, I think it can safely be said that streaming sites are nothing to be taken lightly. It brings a whole new meaning to “Straight-To-TV”.

What do you think makes Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime thrive as digital film studios as opposed to traditional Hollywood studios?

– Jonna Feavel
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