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Stranger Things Are Coming To Netflix!

The upcoming horror/thriller Stranger Things is causing quite the stir on the internet with some people going as far as saying it has a “Steven Speilberg” feel to it. I have to say that after watching the trailer for it, I have to agree with them. While Stranger Things will clearly not be straight horror, it will definitely be a welcome addition to Netflix’s catalog that lacks original horror shows. While Hemlock Grove may have been Netflix’s first venture into the horror world, it wasn’t particularly a good one and it only lasted 3 years. Stranger Things by Winona Ryder is hyping itself as Netflix’s best thing yet.

Stranger Things takes place in a quirky little town where everyone knows each other, but the entire town is rocked when a strange incident happens. The town is thrown into a big panic that is made even worse when the government gets involved. The sheriff is no help at trying to figure out the mystery, but a desperate mother will not stop until she figures out the truth.

While the internet is buzzing with speculation, I’d like to take a bit of a “wait-and-see” approach. The trailer does make it seem like a much darker E.T. type story, but part of the fun of this show will clearly be waiting to see what happens. There is not a lot of exciting things coming to Netflix in June so this will be a real treat. Also, with people still reeling from the season 4 finale of Orange is The New Black, this series could not have come at a better time.