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After putting an elderly woman in a headlock at his wife’s funeral, Sheriff Stan Miller decides to resign from his position after 28 years of service. Upon his abrupt retirement, Stan (John McGinley, Scrubs) kicks back to enjoy his early retirement at home with his trusty chair, television set and his eccentric daughter Denise (Deborah Baker Jr., 2 Broke Girls).  Before long, Evie Barrett (Janet Varney, Entourage), the new sheriff in town, finds herself violently haunted from what appears to be the burned witches of Willard’s Mill, New Hampshire. Begrudgingly teaming up with former sheriff Stan and his quirky daughter Denise, this unlikely trio sets out to battle these demonic forces in the most ridiculously fool-headed and delightfully dopey ways.

The humor in Stan Against Evil is virtually non-stop and always over the top. On par with the comedy of popular horror series Ash vs Evil Dead, Stan Against Evil just may be even funnier – something I never thought I would say. Perfectly campy like the works of Sam Raimi mixed with witty writing reminiscent to that of a Ryan Murphy series (who even lent a writing hand on one of the episodes), Stan Against Evil is the best horror series you could be watching right now and all eight episodes of season one are streaming exclusively on Hulu.

In short, Stan Against Evil is pure horror and comedy gold, so what are you waiting for?

Time commitment: 1 season

Why it’s worth the binge: Stan Against Evil comes highly recommended for fans of series like Ash vs Evil Dead, Supernatural, Scream Queens, American Horror Story, Crazyhead, Santa Clarita Diet, Salem, Being Human, The Exorcist, Holliston, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Penny Dreadful and Preacher.

– Rachael Rumancek
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