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Before there was Superman, the Daily Planet, and Metropolis, there was Clark Kent, alien high school student, and Smallville; this is the WB’s and CW’s 2001 acclaimed TV show about the Kryptonian’s serialized, formative years of bread-basket, Americana youth. Growing up in Smallville, Kansas, teenage Clark Kent (played by fan favorite Tom Welling) is dealing on a day-to-day basis with his powers and what they mean for him and his place in the world, along with how he can be a normal, sociable high school student, knowing what he can do, while questioning what he really is – Jonathan and Martha Kent keep his true alien nature a secret from him. He keeps a small circle of friends in Pete Ross, Chloe Sullivan, and future megalomaniac nemesis, Lex Luthor, while pining for the interest of the beautiful Lana Lang.

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Time Commitment: 10 Seasons