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If you’re a horror hound like me, you might a be a little disappointed by the sparse collection of horror movies on Netflix and Hulu. Well, the geniuses who created know exactly what we horror fans need! Shudder cost just $5 a month to stream unlimited amounts of horror movies. The great thing about Shudder is that their library is constantly growing so there is always a new frightful film to look forward to. Shudder offers horror films from all over the world, spanning many decades, so there is always something scary to watch.

So, where do all of these great horror films come from? Horror aficionados who deeply love the genre curate content to stream on the website. From slasher movies to psychological thrillers, Shudder insures that there is a horror movie on their website for everyone. Don’t be surprised if you see films on this website you’ve never seen before. Shudder features old classics along with films that are sure to be new favorites. If you’re not a hardcore gore hound, don’t worry about it. Shudder has something for everyone!

This is a streaming service that horror fans have been waiting for. I’m always digging for new horror material on the main streaming services and none of the them seem to have anything too interesting. For $5 a month, I think Shudder is a great addition to a horror fan’s streaming entertainment section. Just be careful about leaving the website open on your computer if you have kids because there’s nothing family-friendly about this website. Shudder is the first of it’s kind and could be just what the streaming world needs to shake things up!

– Rachael Rumancek
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