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Short Poppies
82%Overall Score
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A journalist is on assignment to ferret out the “real” people of small-town New Zealand – eccentric nobodies all portrayed by comedian Rhys Darby.

Description Info
Title Short Poppies
Cast Rhys Darby Rhod Gainer/Bill Napier/Louise Cooper/Mary Ledbetter/Ron Taylor/Steve Whittle/Terry Pole (8 episodes, 2014)
David Farrier David Farrier (6 episodes, 2014)
Jonno Roberts Mike the Cop (6 episodes, 2014)
Georgia Hatzis Georgina (6 episodes, 2014)
Genres Comedy
Plot Journalist David Farrier goes on a quest to small town New Zealand to find the average Kiwi. What he finds in this mockumentary series…
IMDB Rating 7.9
Writers Rhys Darby (creator), Grant Lobban (writer)