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ShareTV is a TV fan community website for those who love to discuss TV shows with other passionate TV fans. Also a destination to stream content directly from the site, ShareTV serves users with a convenient, well-rounded experience that goes beyond just being an online forum for TV fans to discuss their thoughts on favorite TV shows. With a profile creation option, either through Facebook, Google, or email sign-up, the site makes it easy for you to keep up with premiere dates, your own personal watch-list, and the ability to earn points which allow you to have a more hands on experience with the site, points being earned by participating and using the site’s day-to-day functions.

With forums ranging from general discussions, to word games, and specific topics about favorite TV shows and movies, the community aspect of ShareTV takes center stage. Though as mentioned before, you can stream content straight from the website. With official distribution rights from Hulu and other streaming services, ShareTV offers up everything from TV show classics like Bonanza and Dark Shadows, to ongoing current series like Fox’s The Gifted and ABC’s Designated Survivor. On each show’s personal dashboard you can view episode guides, clips, character breakdowns, news updates for the show, and specific discussions about the most recent and upcoming episodes.

ShareTV also offers a range of movies to stream for those looking for a break from episodic viewings of TV series. While not every title is streaming on the site, ShareTV offers links to where the movies or TV shows can be watched. In addition, for TV shows, you can view the ‘TV Schedule’ page for all upcoming episodes of ongoing series on cable TV so you don’t miss an episode, or if you’re like many of us, watching too many shows at once to keep up with what’s on and when!

And if you’re just in the mood to read up on what’s going on in entertainment, whether it be celebrity gossip, TV show cancellations, or renewals, there’s a news page that keeps up-to-date with what’s happening in Hollywood.

So if you’re looking for a streaming site to catch up on TV episodes you may have missed, a new series to start on your watch-list, or an online community to share your TV passions with, ShareTV is a good place to do just that.

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– Josh Price
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