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Initially airing on NBC in 1989, Seinfeld presents the daily escapades and misadventures of Jerry Seinfeld and his group of fictional friends – George Costanza, ex-girlfriend Elaine, and next-door weirdo, Kramer. The characters are all single, 30-somethings with little to no direction in life, other than just trying to get by and act like adults as convincingly as humanly possible, often to humorous results. Once described as a “show about nothing” due to the focus on the characters’ daily, uneventful lives, comedian and co-creator, Jerry Seinfeld, explains the show as the opposite, in that he and fellow actor/comedian Larry David pitched Seinfeld as a comedic presentation showing how stand-up comedians get their material for their jokes from their experiences in life.

Time Commitment: 9 Seasons