When one episode is not enough!

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NBC Universal is steadily trying to stay on top of the streaming service craze and their next move is to launch the online video subscription service Seeso. The online video service will become available on January 2016 on major streaming platforms and connected devices. The surprising thing about this upcoming service is the fact that it’s under $3.99.

The new channel will feature an auto play function that will provide immediate video playback. It will also allow viewers to keep watching their program while looking for the next one. There will even be a free teaser service that will offer viewers free select shows to watch as long as they enter an email address, no method of payment will be required. Seeso will include old comedy programming along side new programming that will be updated everyday. There will be new episode exclusives, original comedy shows, live-streamed stand-up every month and films throughout the year.

There will be complete collections uploaded such as The Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live. New episodes of these shows will be available for viewing the day that it airs.

This channel is perfect for those who need some comedy relief as there will be no shortage of what to watch. Seeso will show everything from modern comedies like The Office to classic comedy series like Monty Python’s Flying Circus. NBCUniversal sees Seeso as an attempt to keep up with streaming becoming the new normal for television viewing.

Many NBCUniversal shows will still be aired on Hulu. Comcast is going full stream ahead in their efforts to get ahead of streaming’s popularity by launching Watchable. It’s a cross-platform video service that offers a variety of videos from popular online video networks.

This service, like Netflix, will be completely commercial free which will make a lot of comedy watchers happy.



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