When one episode is not enough!

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May is going to be the month of fall TV season finales. Everything from Arrow to Bates Motel will once again go into a warm, balmy hibernation over summer until their eventual returns several months from now. Nowadays, with TV being such a spectacle in its own right, season premieres and finales often mean two things: friends and parties!

So we’re going to give you a rundown of several big finales over the coming weeks along with some feast ideas to compliment your finale parties. Let’s get started.

Legends of Tomorrow

The final episode of LoT’s freshman season is set to air Thursday, May 19th at 8/7c.

What with all the time travel Rip and the gang undergo episode after episode, how about we travel back in time ourselves to an era when party food was all the rage – the 1970s.

We recommend boiling up a pot of cheese and getting your fondue on with some swanky 70s cocktails.

Cheese Fondue Recipe

70’s Cocktail Memories

Fear The Walking Dead

Just as soon as it arrived, AMC’s The Walking Dead spinoff series, Fear The Walking Dead, will be shuffling on out in just a couple of weeks on Sunday, May 22nd at 9/8c with its seven-episode second season. You would think we could all just run out to our grocery stores and buy some MREs and FEMA waters to devour during the show, but fortunately, we’re not facing an Armageddon of any sort just yet, so let’s get creative and fix up what can only be as deliciously chaotic as a zombie apocalypse: nachos – particularly, chipotle chile nachos.

Chipotle Chile Nachos.

Add some rotisserie chicken to them for some added meatiness, and you can’t go wrong with a bit of cerveza to go with this southwestern-style dish because you know, we still have electricity and refrigeration unlike those in the Walking Dead universe.


When Gotham ends it’s stellar second season Monday, May 23rd at 9/8c we’ll want to dine in style with the rest of the criminal underworld. So why not eat like the spiffiest criminal in the city and chow down like the Penguin? Here’s a recipe for a killer Hungarian goulash to serve up to party guests – sans any fishy business. Feel free to wash it down with a glass of your favorite red or white wine, Penguin style.

Traditional Hungarian Goulash (Gulyás)

The Flash

Despite a speed bump or two, the second season of CW’s The Flash has been great through and through. Given that we’ll be sure to burn as many calories as we consume while white-knuckling our way through the season finale set to air Tuesday, May 24th at 8/7c let’s indulge and have ourselves our very own Big Belly burgers as the Flash and Zoom undergo their final battle.

Flash Big Belly Burgers/


Also getting ready to face off against their big bad of the season, Oliver Queen will finally be going for the throat with Damien Dahrk on May 25th at 8/7c on CW in season 4 of Arrow. What better way to wind down an evening of pummeling criminals than dropping in for some late night takeout options like your favorite Chinese joint or preferred pizza chain? If you’re feeling extra classy, mix you and your friends some Green Arrows from the recipe below:


1. 1 oz lemon juice (mixer)
2. 0.5 oz lime juice (mixer)
3. 1 part Blue Curacao (liqueur)
4. 1 part Gold Tequila (liquor)

Pour all ingredients over crushed ice together in a glass, stir, and enjoy!