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SciFi Stream is your one-stop shop for all your science fiction television needs. Not your average streaming site, SciFi Stream offers its loyal demographic a bit more than just the run of the mill genre-based site. Offering a selection of free episodes/pilots for streaming, the latest news in the science fiction community, and a chance to connect with other fans to discuss your favorite series, characters, and theories, SciFi Stream certainly is a hidden gem for fans.

Whether it’s that you want to see the newly released trailer you have been so eagerly anticipating, or you just want to catch updates on your favorite series, they have got you covered here. Need to find out what’s going on with your favorite sci fi series, like the 2016 Emmy nominated Orphan Black, or what you could have expected from the season finale of Game of Thrones? Covering a broad range of topics, Sci Fi Stream is your place for news on series in the making, sneak peaks, behind the scenes photos, episode/season recaps, show ratings, and much more.

Not just your online guide to science fiction, SciFi Stream also connects like-minded fans and offers up a chance to discuss your opinions, theories, news, and rumors in their quite active (and FAN-tastic) forum. Keep in mind when entering any fan-driven forum to avoid accidentally reading any unwanted spoilers. As annoying as it may be, it is largely avoidable as the contributors of SciFi Stream’s forum appear to follow proper etiquette of warning readers in advance of spoilers. All the same, enter at your own risk and don’t be surprised if you are swallowed by the awesome black hole that is science-fiction-fandom.

Welcome to the SciFi Stream series archives; an epic goldmine for those in search of their next legendary (and slightly nerdy), binge-worthy series. Including titles like Being Human, Lost, Agent Carter, Heroes, Torchwood, and the Star Trek franchise, there is definitely something for everyone. As an added bonus, many of the series in the archive also includes a free pilot or episode so you can preview a new show before fully committing. Worked for me, one free episode of V, and I was hooked. I am now the proud owner of both seasons. Thanks, Sci Fi Stream!
All your favorite shows, the latest news in science fiction television, a chance to connect with other fans, and it is all packed into one place. SciFiStream.com is basically the “TV Guide” of science fiction, and a rare commodity for fans. Especially those of us who are perpetually on the lookout for their next truly binge-worthy series. SciFi Stream is the site for all of your nerdy, science fiction and series binge watching needs, check it out!

– Rachael Rumancek

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