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It’s summertime, and a lot of people are going on vacation and having fun in the sun. Although from talking to people in my neighborhood, a lot of people aren’t going on vacation or having smaller summer adventures because they simply can’t afford it. With bills and grocery price going up, not everyone can afford to have summer fun. There are certain costs you can easily reduce but still have to deal with such as getting car insurance to cover the driver only or buying less groceries, but there are bills out there you can definitely do without.

The best bill to get rid of: that pesky cable bill!

With so many streaming options, there is no reason to be paying a cable bill of $200-$250 a month. As long as you have stable and high powered internet, you can have never-ending entertainment at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost. My wallet has been so much lighter since I’ve decided to cut the cord. At some point, I realized I was paying way too much for channels that I wasn’t even watching. It was a real struggle to pay $225 every month just for television. Sometimes there would be nothing of interest on any of these channels, and the movie channels were always showing something 10-15 years old that I had no interest in. I had a Netflix subscription that I enjoyed more than cable, and that was only costing me $7.99. I was reading more and more on how Hulu was great for watching your favorite television shows if you didn’t have cable. When I calculated the two costs, I realized that I could watch great TV and movies for just $15 a month. Not to mention like most people, I had a huge DVD collection I needed to watch more.

So now, I pay $75 for high-speed internet through Comcast. While this might seem like a lot of money just to pay for internet. There are four people in my house always on the internet whether they’re surfing the web, streaming a movie or listening to music through their phone. With our internet speed, we never slow each other down, so there is peace on earth whenever we all want to do our own thing. If you’re a single person, you most likely want to look for a more cost-effective high-speed internet plan. When I called Comcast to negotiate a lower price on my once $225 bill, they said I could have a basic cable package for just $20. So, I only pay about $110 a month for high-speed internet, cable, Hulu, and Netflix now! That’s $115 a month in savings. I also pay just $99 a year for Amazon Prime. I really did it for the awesome 2-day shipping, but I’ve discovered a lot of great movies and TV shows through their streaming service as well.

If you didn’t know already, there are actually free websites out there where you can stream excellent content for absolutely free. Let’s say you’re into documentaries; you can watch award-winning documentaries on topdocumentaryfilms.com for absolutely free. Websites like Crackle and Pluto TV also allow you to stream old and new TV shows and music on your laptop, phone and through your television. Youtube even offers free movies to watch now! Free streaming services can have very limited content so, it is best to use the free services in conjunction with your paid one. At bingeout.com, we have a complete list of great free websites for every member of your family to enjoy.

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With more and more people cutting the cord, cable and internet companies are desperate to hold on to their customers any way they can. Don’t be afraid to negotiate your entertainment bills. Even though I can’t take my dream vacation this summer. I’ve been able to go out to dinner a bit more and to the movies (on $5 Tuesdays of course) practically every week. Tight on funds this summer? Re-think what you’re paying for cable and internet every month, you will be so glad you did!