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Smart TVs are becoming increasingly more affordable which pushes the question: should you shell out a lot of cash for a smart TV or should you simply buy a Roku to help transform your TV in to a streaming paradise? The answer really depends on if you’re looking to upgrade your entertainment or simply add to it to make streaming available to you. If you have a basic flat screen TV or an older TV model and don’t want to update to a new TV, all you have to have is a Roku box and wifi internet to start streaming. A Roku box can be purchased through their comprehensive website for as low as $49.99. Although this is their simplest model, this Roku will allow you to stream sites like Netflix and Hulu though your TV with a clear HD reception.

The basic Roku box works just as well as the one that sells for $69 and $99. The higher end Roku that sells for $129.99 may just cause you to want to buy a smart TV. Smart TVs are often only $150 to $200 more expensive then a regular flat screen TVs. Since they are built with better hardware, Smart TVs tend to last longer and make for a more solid investment choice.

With more and more people cutting their cable cords, streaming television shows and movies are becoming a normal part of everyday of life. Investing hundreds of dollars in to a Smart TV can actually save you thousands of dollars in the years to come. Spending simply $50 for a Roku box can save you even more money! If your not sure which Roku will fit your needs best, you can always compare their models on their easy-to- use website: https://www.roku.com/products/compare

Not sure what Smart TV to use? Comparison shopping on Amazon.com is a great place to start.

Whether you get a new and shiny Smart TV or a sparkly new Roku box, happy streaming!