Retro Binge Of The Week

What The Show’s About:

One Tree Hill is a 2003 family drama that originally aired on The WB – now The CW. The show follows Nathan and Lucas Scott, two half-brothers who instantly begin a rivalry with each other due to Nathan’s quick skepticism of Lucas. The first season of the series explores this rivalry between the two, along with the stepbrothers’ high school basketball team, and their struggles with dating girls the two both find themselves enamored by. As the series goes on, the brothers are able to settle their differences and other drama is explored, such as life after high school, drug addiction, and career difficulties, along with relationship successes and failures.

One Tree Hill ran for 9 seasons, its final season ending in April 2012. Starring Chad Michael Murray (House of Wax, Agent Carter), James Lafferty (Oculus, Underground), Bethany Joy Lenz (Colony, American Gothic), and Hilarie Burton (White Collar, Lethal Weapon), One Tree Hill cemented itself in the early 2000s as one of the more popular, soapy family dramas that became so frequent during that era of television.

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Time Commitment: 9 Seasons