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What The Show’s About:

Monk is a 2002 USA original drama series about Adrian Monk, a private detective whose Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and plethora of phobias often aid him in solving cases. Adrian Monk was initially San Francisco’s golden boy detective with the SFPD until his wife, a journalist, was mysteriously murdered when her car was blown up. This caused Monk to suffer a mental breakdown and worsened his mental issues, leading to him leaving the police force and starting his own private investigation business, where he is often called in by his former colleagues at the police station to help solve baffling cases.

Running for eight seasons until its series finale in 2009, Monk is largely a quirky police procedural comedy, though it takes time every so often to explore dramatic elements in its main cast, specifically with Monk being haunted by his wife’s murder, continuing to look for clues as to who killed her and why. A highly acclaimed primetime drama series from the early 2000s, Monk is a must see for crime drama and comedy fans alike.

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Time Commitment: 8 Seasons