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What The Show’s About:

Fridays was a 1980 late-night comedy show from ABC that sought to reach the same success as Saturday Night Live. Where Fridays differed from SNL, is that it relied on somewhat edgier subject matter for its sketches and short films, focusing on more sociopolitical and societal issues that it satirized, along with more graphic content including zombie gore and unsightly behavior. This caused some network affiliates to drop the show altogether for its questionable humor. The show gathered many talents, some appearing on both Fridays and SNL, the likes of Andy Kaufman, Billy Crystal, William Shatner, and George Carlin.

Airing for 3 seasons until 1982, Fridays was eventually cancelled when ABC decided to extend Nightline to five nights a week, and when the hit show Dallas aired in April of 1982, the show was effectively dead in the water, leading most of the cast to go their separate ways, even though they were all offered parts on SNL, only Larry David and Rich Hall made the move. An alternative binge for SNL fans, Fridays is sure to please.

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Time Commitment: 1 Season