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Redbox is at it again! Redbox recently published a Redbox Digital app on iTunes that very few people could access. This is already dragging down some of the excitement surrounding the app because people are mad that they can’t try the streaming service right away! With only 50 ratings, the app currently has only 1 star.


The company doesn’t seem like it is in a rush to release the app to everyone either as the spokesperson for the company told Variety, “As we test and learn from our customers, we will make evaluations that determine any future course of action.” There is currently no release date, no talk about the pricing and no discussion about whether it will be a rent-on-demand or subscription service this time. Redbox is pretty hush, hush about exactly what their streaming service will be like.

If you remember, Redbox tried their hand at a subscription service in 2013. They paired up with Verizon to present an $8 a month streaming service that was almost identical to Netflix. For $8 a month, subscribers could stream unlimited films from their catalog and get 4 DVDs from their actual kiosk. The service was apparently an absolute failure because most subscribers never made it out of the trial stage. Although Netflix has been criticized for not having enough blockbusters in their catalog, Redbox’s catalog was said to be strikingly disappointing. After just 18 months, the service was shut down for good.

With the app now appearing on iTunes, this shows that Redbox is not scared about trying to cash in on the streaming craze again. Although this may make streaming more convenient, will this result in a price increase for consumers? Downloading a film in your home will surely cost more than the $1.50 it cost from the kiosk. Redbox will have to increase their rental prices simply because they’ll have to make online streaming deals with major movie companies.

Hopefully, this won’t result in the total removal of Redbox kiosks. I have 2 kiosks that are just a half a mile from my house. So, why would I want to pay $9.99 for one movie night rental? It will be interesting to see if the service will be paid per-download or a subscription streaming service. Bingeout will keep you posted on when and where this new service becomes available to the public!

– Janiera Eldridge
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