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The Real Housewives of every franchise seem to get as much press as your every day celebrity. When “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” cast member Teresa Giudice was sentenced to fifteen months in prison, magazines were chomping at the bit to get a sneak peek of what the entrepreneur looked like behind bars. The housewife, who made table flipping a thing, was released before Christmas of last year and now, the new season revolves around her. Its quite obnoxious and even fans have taken to Twitter to say that this season is like “watching paint dry.”

Then, you have the OG housewives from Orange County. They just spent a whole season involved in a cancer scam via original cast mate Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend, Brooks. It brought a new wave of reality and showed that even supposedly smart people can make poor choices and have bad judgment. We just watched the New York City franchise have their season eight finale where Countess LuAnn learned that her fiancé Tom was cheating on her. It became the number one show to be tweeted for Wednesday night. The reunion is expected to be even more epic than the finale and trust me, that will be hard to top.

Throughout every season, inevitably, Bravo will place a flashback to correlate with the storyline. If you are someone who came in late to the Housewives game, you may not recall that last episode or simply wish to watch it again. Now you can. Even if this is your first year with Beverly Hills, the OC, NYC, New Jersey – there were some more but they flopped – you can catch every episode and reunion from Day 1 on Hulu! And with certain cable providers, you can have access to the most recent episodes that everyone is chatting about. It’s a guilty pleasure because with all the money and shopping, these women still very much act like children. More than that, you see that money cannot buy happiness but it sure is fun to watch the catfights and not have to be a part of them. It is also particularly enjoyable to pretend that you are one of them and binge for a few hours on the life of luxury!

– Mandi Nowitz