When one episode is not enough!

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Everyone loves Netflix, but not everyone can afford it. This is why if you haven’t used Popcornflix.com yet, you should! This service features past blockbusters and independent films that are sure to keep you entertained. Former blockbusters such as Paranormal Activity 1 and 2 can be streamed alongside very underrated independent films like Disco Pigs (if you like highly emotional love stories I highly recommend this story).

Popcornflix streams movies in the category of comedy, horror, drama, action, thrillers and more! There really is something for everyone to stream on this website. Want to watch a little trash TV? The site even has a category for that! You can watch trashy shows like Urban Legends and Cheaters to tune out and wind down from a really hard day.

The best part of the Popcornflix website is that it’s free! There are no pesky monthly fees. You can watch as much as your, anytime you want on your computer or Roku. There are even kid shows that your stream to keep the little ones quiet while you watch something more adult. Popcornflix.com is easy to navigate and will soon become your next streaming site guilty pleasure.