When one episode is not enough!

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Recently, you may have seen Showtime’s Gothic horror show Penny Dreadful make headlines because, in a shocking plot twist, their season finale turned out to be their series finale. As you might imagine, not everyone was so happy about this. Many fans were upset that the show was ending after just 3 seasons. While the show’s creators said the series was only written for 3 seasons, many people are crying B.S. and saying the channel just didn’t want to shell out the money anymore for such an expensive production. While I was wanting to see the show for a long time now, seeing the headline peaked my interest once again.

The next day I just happened to look on Netflix and there was Penny Dreadful waiting for me to add it to my Netflix queue. As soon as I got some quiet time, I started right in on episode 1. Well, I was a bit underwhelmed, to be honest with you. In fact, even as I’m writing I don’t remember most of the first episode because it simply is not memorable. I do remember thinking though that there was something about the show that peaked my interest and I had to keep watching. By the second episode my interest was extremely peaked and at the end, I rushed to watch the third episode. I was hypnotized by their re-telling of Frankenstein and I was hooked to that episode until the very end. Now I know I have to watch this series through to the surprise finale.

Many people have criticized the show for its sub-par first season. I can totally see why. Although the first season has highly intriguing elements, a lot of the season drags and is slightly inconsistent. However, if you’re a Gothic/horror fan like me, you’re going to want to give this show some of your time because there is nothing like it on TV. The dialogue can be a little drawn out, but it is very smart and often times romantic. What is so impressive about this show is that the production value could rival any movie. The Victorian homes are spectacular and the costumes are straight out of the movies! Even when the plotline feels like it’s plodding along, at least you have something beautiful to look at.

This show is not for the faint of heart and the violence is extremely bloody and shocking, although necessary. The sex is completely unnecessary and often gratuitous. If you can get past the sex, then you will enjoy the often solid storytelling. If you don’t like strong horror violence than this show really isn’t for you. I find this show best to be watched late at night with dim lights and a bottle of wine. It’s so moody and thematic that watching it in the middle of the day with sunshine streaming in just doesn’t seem right.

Unfortunately, only season 1 and 2 have been uploaded to Netflix. My hope is that they upload season 3 soon as I heard that it was their best season yet! Since each season only has 10 episodes and each episode is an hour each, you could easily watch both seasons in 3-4 days tops. All Gothic/horror fans with Netflix subscriptions need to check this show out right away.

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