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A quirky Australian crime show that simultaneously entertains and disturbs you: The Doctor Blake Mysteries is ridiculously overlooked. The show is set in Australia in the late 1950’s. The main character is the moody, eccentric Lucien Blake. He left his hometown to join the British Army, and returns years later with a mysterious past and an almost destructive self-loathing that sets the mood for this doctor’s hidden emotional turmoil, a large part of which makes him an appealing lead. Viewers are as likely to want to solve the good doctor’s problems as they are solving the crime of the hour. As he returns home, he takes up his father’s business as the town medical practitioner and undertakes the roll of police surgeon as well.

His relationships within his home, his practice, and with the police force clearly reveal just how many demons the good doctor is battling within himself: one assumes from the horrors of war. Doctor Blake comes across as a disinterested, not caring doctor who would rather drink. But, as the show progresses the viewer begins to see glimpses of the man he was before the war. Doctor Blake deals with both the living and the dead as he solves the town’s mysteries. He often drives the police chief a little crazy with his…interesting methods and lack of communication skills. He has trouble fitting in with the small-minded town people after his travels abroad and unique life experiences but he is learning to strengthen relationships long gone cold.

His key companion, Jean Beazley, is the perfect opposite to Doctor Blake. Where he’s eccentric, she’s straight-laced. She struggles to keep him grounded and keep him from spiraling too far into his own darkness. The friction and attraction between them create an entrancing character dynamic that really keeps you following along in the show.

The show spans over 4 seasons, 3 seasons available on streaming services, with a solid 36 episodes.

Available on Netflix
Time Commitment: 4 Seasons

– Jonna Feavel
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