Our Team

Rachael Rumancek – Horror Hound

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 9.04.03 AMRachael ‘Penny-Lane’ Rumancek has a 22 year -don’t you dare do that math- history of being both gracefully stubborn and an overwhelmingly socially awkward specimen. She wouldn’t quite describe herself as a primadonna per say, but perhaps maybe just a touch of the melodramatic with a dash of princess-syndrome. She suffers a rare emotional condition in which she can not express her emotions and love to the people she cherishes. She can however offer a lifetime of verbal assaults and degradation in the form of unnecessary character flaw roasting. A lover of all things gut wrenchingly graphic, depraved, and controversial, she is a gore-hound to the fullest. Think you can shock her or want a review of your indie film or short story? Contact her through her Twitter or Facebook. 

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Kelly Gatewood – Vicarious Detective & Period Drama Human Encyclopedia

Kelly is currently a freelance proofreader and writer, ESL tutor, and seamstress because committing to one career is just not enough. Her preferred television genres are murder mystery, period drama, fantasy, documentary, and K-drama. When not writing about television or whipping up some Chanel-inspired dresses on the weekend, she works on her own seedling children’s fantasy literature and remembering to pay rent on time. She resides in MS, but dreams of pursuing a Linguistic Research/ Translation career in SE Asia in the near future.

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Leo Rydel – Action, Superhero, and Sci-Fi Aficionado

Leo Rydel is an outgoing individual who obsesses over the latest movies, comic books, video games and TV shows. Besides attending the latest movie premieres and binging Sci-fi, Anime, and Action, Leo is a professional writer and social media guru with years of experience in the entertainment industry.He also enjoys playing video games, pool, working out, and eating tasty sandwiches and burgers.

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Josh Price – Director of Content & Six-Stringed Warlock

Josh Price is a dry-humored aspiring screenwriter, songwriter, and film/television enthusiast. A Mississippi native, he’s grown with age to appreciate his artsy Deep South quirkiness, but doesn’t care much for sweet tea or Faulkner as many would tend to believe. A lover of music and all things geek culture, from video games to comic book movies and everything in between, he’d also love to take a moment of your time to talk about our lord and savior, Zack Snyder. Favorite movie: There Will Be Blood, Favorite TV show: Vikings

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